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Track Your Time in JIRA using the Pomodoro Technique!

Pomodoro Plugin for Atlassian Jira

I have been a big fan of Atlassian products and the Pomodoro time management technique for a while now. Unfortunately, Atlassian JIRA doesn’t include a timer for its tasks, and I couldn’t find a suitable one for my needs. There were some solutions, but they either didn’t support Pomodoro, or …

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How “Damian Sanchez” Grew His Sales from $1M to $1.7M

Picture from Damian Sanchez.

Damian Sanchez is a small business owner from Washington, DC. He is most notably known for running his company, the DC Mosquito Squad. Like many of you, he is a husband, a father and has a burning passion for his businesses. Damian loves his businesses, his wife, and his four …

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An Interview With Total Prestige Magazine

Total Prestige Magazine Logo

2017 has been an enjoyable year for me! I got married to the love of my life, relaunched my self-help book; 5 Pillars of Success, launched Roosevelt Games, LLC and much more. Moreover, the year got even better when Total Prestige Magazine reached out to me to do an interview. …

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Why Entrepreneurs Cannot Resist Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

This post by Roosevelt Purification originally appeared on LinkedIn. Marketing Automation has been around for a while now, but still, some Entrepreneurs or Business Owners frown upon this idea. Usually, when automation comes to mind, most people think of making a call to their cable company only to find themselves …

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When Small Business Owners Struggle, this is what they do…

Infusionsoft Consultant

This article by Roosevelt Purification was originally published on LinkedIn. Running a business is no easy feat. And it gets even harder when you don’t have a stable flow of leads or a strategy in place to convert strangers to paid customers. In the digital age, marketing, advertising and curating …

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