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About Me

Roosevelt PurificationHi there,

My name is Roosevelt Purification, and it’s a pleasure to have you visiting my website!

Professionally I am a Software Engineer / Web Developer, and currently, I am working for NASA. Aside from Web Development, I do 3D animation, game design and most recently started composing and remixing music.

I’m on a mission to do good things in this world. Whether it’s making something fun, useful or helping someone achieve something better; I always find myself busy doing something!

Before joining NASA, I’ve worked with various organizations, private companies, did freelancing and also published a self-help book. I also started an entertainment brand, where I showcase the video games or the 3D movies I authored. As a result of doing all these things, various magazines reached out to me, and they interviewed me multiple times. You can read some of my interviews here: https://roosevelt.biz/category/media.

I have lived in the United States most of life, but I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

If you wish to speak to me or want to get in touch, please use the Contact page to get in touch with me today.

Thanks again and I hope you will enjoy your stay on this website!