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To Double, Your Productivity, Get This Google Chrome Extension!

Constant productivity is one of the ways you can ensure that you will reach all your goals and give the incredible life and experiences you want for yourself and your family. However, when you are always distracted by various websites and the social media, a large chunk of your life can be gone without a moment’s notice! Let’s take a look at this free Google Chrome extension and how it can make you more productive when you have more important things to do.

Why Are We Addicted to Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin?

Before you download this free google chrome extension, it’s important to understand what is causing your social media or website addiction. That will allow you to target the cause and uproot it entirely. The goal is to fix the problem and not the symptom.

The founders of the top social media websites created their platforms with good intention in mind. However, at the same time, they designed their websites, apps and other experiences to keep you excited and hooked! From the UI to the contents and other suggestions all these websites give you were designed to keep you engaged. Indeed, they aren’t doing anything wrong or unethical, but most of us are not sure why people are glued phones or why we get so excited when we see a new notification on Facebook.

When is the last time you thought back and missed a very poorly designed website? If Facebook, YouTube, and other similar sites looked like a 5-year-old with no design knowledge created them, or if you went to Twitter and the login button disappeared, odds are you’d get bored very quickly and move on. So, the trick is to render such websites useless until your attachment to these sites is in reasonable control.

Let’s explore how a magic Google Chrome extension can double your productivity and reduce your attachment to any website.

Google Chrome Extension – Break Addiction!

How to Improve Your Focus, Get More Done and Reduce Social Media Attachments?

Break Addiction is a Google Chrome extension I developed and published under Roosevelt Games, LLC. You can install this extension for free from the Chrome Web Store by going to the URL:

The Break Addiction extension was designed to uglify any website you want. So, if you’re going to stop your usage on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, all you have to do is enter their domain names in the app’s settings page and attempt to visit those websites you usually do. The plugin will kick in and make the site so horrible and an eyesore that you will leave immediately!

Here is how “Break Addiction” can break a website and help you lessen your interest in any site.

Google Chrome Productivity Extension - Break Addiction!

Here is how the settings page looks like:

Break Addiction Settings Page

So, if you want to stop visiting the same sites over and over again, stop checking your emails and want to get more productive, install this free productivity extension today! Also, if you give it a 5-star rating, that would be ultra cool of you!

Add ‘Break Addiction’ to Google Chrome Now!

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