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What Did I Learn After Investing $10,000 in Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is one of my favorite platforms, and I write about it often. It wasn’t necessarily the case all the time. I too had my fair share of frustrations with Infusionsoft and had bumps here and there. If you are currently running a small business and wish to find out if Infusionsoft is right for you or not, I hope my $10,000 case study will shed some light.

How and Why Infusionsoft Happened?

Sometimes when people look at my Linkedin or Twitter profile, they ask why I am so infatuated with Infusionsoft. What’s the backstory behind it? Well, it all started when I was working for a marketing firm. My boss back then was a very nice guy, but he was having trouble supporting his business. Particularly with the way he was collecting leads, managing contacts, follow-ups and his other work. I knew my time was somewhat limited because the company would shut down anytime. Also, he started to reduce hours and didn’t have sufficient budget to invest in tools that might improve his business or the current workflow.

Given the situation I was in, I started to look for jobs and got into affiliate marketing. The strategy was simple, review Clickbank.com products on a blog, advertise on Facebook and make a profit! Easier said than done. I quickly realized that affiliate marketing is a whole lot more than just writing reviews and driving traffic. You needed to get into the head of your target market, understand their needs, wants, dreams and also utilize various tools to curate them until they are ready. Moreover, the gurus back then kept hammering two things in my head, one was, “Content is King” and the other is “Money is in the List.” Almost all the successful marketers I was referencing that time pushed very hard for collecting leads and running them through a funnel to increase your chances of getting a sale. Also, almost everyone on Warriorforum.com kept mentioning Infusionsoft and how it kicks the panties off their competitions. So, I was hooked and wanted to find out more.

Since I was already working at a marketing firm, I understood the value of customer lifecycle and the more analytics you had about them and their behavior, better ways you can customize their experience and add more value to their needs and wants. So, I got in touch with Infusionsoft and talked to them over the phone. I specifically asked about their analytics, lead scoring methods, opportunities and the rep went into great detail about Infusionsoft, its capabilities, its integration features and more. I was also happy with the rep and his behavior. Back then Infusionsoft’s pricing structure was a bit different, and I also had to purchase a mandatory kick-starter package. I wasn’t too happy to find out about the kick-starter package since I am an avid self-learner but I liked the bonuses and the initial setup the coach was willing to do for me.

Next, I got in touch with a kickstarter coach, he walked me through Infusionsoft, took notes of my goals and helped me get started on the platform. Other than my affiliate site, I also wanted to promote my book, 5 Pillars of Success available at Amazon. So, I primarily used that as the demo boy to get myself more acquainted with the Infusionsoft platform.

How Did I Spend $10,000 on Infusionsoft?

To make things clear from the beginning, I didn’t spend $10,000 on Infusionsoft exclusively. The $10,000 includes the amount of money I spent on Facebook ads, Google Adwords advertising, Infusionsoft Kick-starter, Infusionsoft Certification and the Infusionsoft Monthly Fees. If it weren’t Infusionsoft, I probably wouldn’t spend so much money, but I loved their tools and features and felt that I probably will make it all back if I am doing things right.

You can see my cost and the income breakdown below. However, to quickly summarize the numbers, I was paying about $379 /mo for Infusionsoft initially, then Infusionsoft changed their pricing model, and I got in touch with an Infusionsoft rep. He was able to offer me a better deal if I signed a one year contract with them. Hence, my new bill of $217 /mo. My profits would be much higher without the Kickstarter Fee or the Infusionsoft Certification fee, but I decided to include them since this post is all about how much I invested in using or for Infusionsoft.

Also, the income I got is a rounded value from Clickbank, Google Adsense, and Amazon royalty. As you can see, my profits were quite bad initially, but it improved over time. Also, the numbers fluctuated due to the changes in the CPC, conversion rate, and the market demand.

Infusionsoft Calculations Page 2 Infusionsoft Calculations Page 3

So, Is Infusionsoft Worth It?

If you look at the numbers above and blame Infusionsoft for the low margin of profit, then you will be mistaking! Google and Facebook are a different kind of breed, and your overall ROI usually gets better as you spend more money in their system. So, if I increased my advertising budget on a monthly basis and reinvested the monthly profits back to advertising, I probably would’ve made more money. However, as you can see, Infusionsoft as a platform and the campaigns I had going on at that time, were giving me steady results!

So, after using Infusionsoft for a year, I fell in love with this platform and the kindness of their support reps and everyone in the company. I wanted to expand my consulting services, and I figured why not look into their Certification program. So, I took a leap of faith, submitted their partnership request form, a rep reached out to me and explained everything to me nicely. After paying the certification costs, I enrolled in their rigorous training course, and now I am an Infusionsoft Certified Partner / Consultant.

Need Help With Infusionsoft?

By now, you can see that I didn’t take my journey with Infusionsoft lightly. I invested a significant amount of time and money on this platform and enjoyed using it. Can you get better results with other tools? I doubt it. Because in marketing, it’s not just about the tools or the funnels. Your results depend significantly on your niche, your style, your marketing habits, your copywriting skills, how much money you spend on advertising, where you advertise and much more. However, can I argue that Infusionsoft allowed me to speed things up and made it easier to do all the work I needed to do? Yes, you bet!

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