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When Small Business Owners Struggle, this is what they do…

This article by Roosevelt Purification was originally published on LinkedIn.

Running a business is no easy feat. And it gets even harder when you don’t have a stable flow of leads or a strategy in place to convert strangers to paid customers. In the digital age, marketing, advertising and curating your target leads or prospects is easier than ever; yet so many small business owners haven’t fully grasped its full potential.

Any tool is useless if you don’t use it right and it takes a bit of time and investment to master any craft regardless of the tools you use. As a small business owner, if you don’t even do the bare minimum, your business suffers or stays stagnant. In such cases, it makes sense to try something different. So, the question becomes, what can you do differently to bump up your business and sales?

Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Business?

To most small business owners, marketing automation is a confusing subject. You might not feel comfortable with anything to do with technology or computers, and you might believe that automation means spamming your prospects/customers or you might fear that you need to learn a lot of things to automate your marketing efforts on the web. Fortunately, none of these have to be true!

At its basic level, here’s how marketing automation can work with your business:

  1. Find out where your target customers hang out
  2. Advertise or offer something of value to capture leads
  3. Send them to a funnel (which usually consists of automated emails, webinars, gifts, etc.)
  4. Make special offers and automatically navigate the user through an experience that is unique to his/her needs!
  5. Rinse & repeat!

If you are running your small business the traditional way and don’t have any automation in place, then you are missing out on potential sales, valuable feedbacks and various ways to connect with your customers. Most people nowadays are craving for a genuine connection and wants to feel understood and appreciated. And an automated marketing system can help you segment those people and provide exceptional care or attention they desire!

What is Involved in Setting up an Automated Funnel?

At its core, marketing automation or automated funnels are a process you use to reach your customers and communicate with them. Usually, you might run an ad, get a phone call and try to sell your products or services to the customers. Or you might make cold calls to do the same. However, things are a bit different with marketing automation. Like traditional systems, you would get your prospect online or on the phone and if he chooses to make a purchase you will give that option; otherwise, you’d put him through a funnel. The funnel would be custom designed to suit your customer, products or services and the primary goal with these funnels is to add value to your prospects, survey them and learn as much as you can about them. In your funnel or marketing automation, you have the option to pitch your products or services at a certain point in the user’s journey or keep feeding him quality contents or services until he’s ready to make a purchase.

Depending on the funnel or marketing automation software you use, you can communicate with your prospects over email, text messages, social media, and even automated voice messages if supported. You certainly can do all these work individually for all your customers, but that would waste a lot of your time or would require a significant team effort. But with a web automation platform like Infusionsoft, Hubspot, etc., you can speed up a lot of the work!

How to Jump-start Your Marketing Automation With Infusionsoft?

Even though there are fantastic marketing automation solutions available at a reasonable cost, many small businesses don’t feel comfortable signing-up because the tools look too complicated or they are unable to fit their unique business workflow/model within the automation platform. However, you don’t have to make the same mistake! Here are some quick steps to jump-start your marketing automation with Infusionsoft:

1) Sign-up: This one is a no-brainer. You have to open an account with the Infusionsoft platform to get started. Take a look at their features and sign-up with the package that you will need to support your small business.

2) Migrate and Customize: If your business is already using some database or a marketing system, then export out the contents of those systems and import them to Infusionsoft.

3) Setup Products and Funnels: After all the data has been migrated over, you are in an excellent position to set up the funnels, campaigns, products, and special offers within Infusionsoft to support your business. You might have to take advantage of Infusionsoft’s tagging features, custom fields, and other features to have everything working seamlessly.

4) Regular Updates: When your marketing strategy is entirely setup on Infusionsoft, and the funnels are working as expected, you should see more conversions and more engagement from your prospects or customers. And occasionally you will need to update your contents, campaigns or make adjustments to keep things exciting and up to date for your customers or business.

What if You Don’t Have Time or You Are Not Tech-Savvy?

Applications like Infusionsoft is not too complicated, but it does have a learning curve. During your Infusionsoft orientation, you certainly will learn a lot, and the videos are great to master Infusionsoft but do you have the time to do all that? How about migrating your current CRM databases to Infusionsoft? Odds are, if you are busy with your products, services or customers, these things are probably going to scare you off. But at the same time, if you don’t take advantage of something like Infusionsoft, you lose more ways to connect with your customers or lose potential sales.

So, what do you do?

This is when you need to seriously consider hiring an Infusionsoft Consultant to do the heavy lifting for you. Usually, after you are done with an Infusionsoft orientation, you are required to populate your Infusionsoft account with your company data. That includes your customer data, custom tags to help you segment your prospects/customers, products, offers, landing pages, forms, tracking and others. If you choose to do all these work on your own then you will have to learn everything within the platform, manually move things over and also later train your employees to do the same.

But if you hire an Infusionsoft expert, he can take care of all the migration and initial setup for you. And even provide specialized training to your employees on your behalf. Not only this will save you time but also money! An expert infusionsoft consultant can do all those work for you much quicker because of his experience with the platform, but someone new like you would need to spend weeks or months to have this application working as needed for your business!

So, if you feel there’s a need for an Infusionsoft Consultant for your business, send me a message on LinkedIn or Facebook to connect with me today!


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