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Why Entrepreneurs Cannot Resist Marketing Automation

This post by Roosevelt Purification originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Marketing Automation has been around for a while now, but still, some Entrepreneurs or Business Owners frown upon this idea. Usually, when automation comes to mind, most people think of making a call to their cable company only to find themselves greeted by a robot. Not only that but now they need to wait for over 30 minutes to speak to a human being. If you think this is what automation is all about, then you have it all wrong!

But imagine this scenario. A college student comes to your website to search for a laptop he is interested in. He doesn’t make a purchase but gives his email address because you promised to provide him with a 20% discount. He gets the coupon, uses it but doesn’t make the purchase for some reason.

Now, what if your system was smart enough to capture all that and think of reasons why the buyer left. Perhaps, the cost was too much, the shipping was too high, or maybe he lost internet? Anyhow, the most probable reason is that he probably doesn’t have enough money or didn’t like the extra shipping cost. So, the next day, your marketing system sends out another email reminding him that he left the cart yesterday and now, he can get free shipping on any orders over $599. Later, you find out that this time around, he did purchase by applying the initial discount code and took the route to get free shipping!

The above example is a straightforward scenario where marketing automation shines. It helped you get a customer back and also helped you understand what kind of offers work for them. It’s a straightforward automated marketing campaign, but nowadays, you can design much more sophisticated marketing funnels that suit your business or your goals.

If you still believe that marketing automation is not right for you or it’s not cost effective, you might want to take a leap of faith and give it a good run for at least a couple of months. Because odds are, you might be losing a lot of opportunities to get more clients or customers to your business.

Why or How Businesses Use Marketing Automation

To Find Opportunities

To have a successful business and to make it grow, it’s important to minimize your risks and scale the strategies that work for you. And at its core, marketing automation is all about tracking a particular customer across your website or email campaigns.

The goal is to see what he is interested in, what kind of offers he likes, if he is happy with your service or not and also to get repeat business by offering more services or products he might be interested in. With the plethora of tools and analytics provided by an automated CRM & Marketing software, you can quickly identify more opportunities and get rid of the strategies or campaigns that don’t give you the results you desire.

When you are using websites like Facebook or Google, you might notice that with time they show you more relevant contents or topics that you like. Companies like Facebook and others are continually updating their algorithms to track your journey on their platform and tries to find an opportunity to serve you better. Not only it benefits them by having you around longer, but you also get what you want. So, optimizing for opportunities will help both you and your customers!

To Educate Customers & Yourself!

Every customer is different, and each has their own needs and desires. If you are running a business, it’s near impossible to write contents or follow up with every single customer to hear about their needs. But with marketing automation, you will be able to come up with common topics, scenarios and segment your customers to take them to different learning paths. An advanced user might not care about a basic course, and he wants to jump right in! But a beginner customer probably wants to get in touch with you over the phone before making a decision. Now imagine, if your marketing system could automate that!

So, if a customer mentions in a form that he needs one-on-one coaching, you could direct him to your calendar to schedule a call. And similarly, you could quickly send an advanced customer straight to the main content page. An automated marketing funnel can help you achieve that, and make it easy for your customers to learn about you, your services, your products or help you understand your customers better and their unique needs. And over time, you can design funnels that address not just one or two types of customers but many kinds!

To Get More Sales

Sales and cash flow are the lifeblood of all businesses. If you are not making money, then it’s only a matter of time before everything crashes down on you. But an automated CRM and marketing system can help you control that.

To get more sales, you need to understand your customers and their needs. Some customers will tell you blatantly what they want, but for others, you will need to dig a little deeper to find out. Usually, in an automated marketing funnel, you can see how a particular prospect is behaving. And depending on his journey or specific needs, you can make personalized offers, coaching and other forms of aid to have him as a paid customer.

Most top salesmen claim that it takes at least 3-7 follow up calls to convert a prospect to a paid customer. Now, imagine, if your system could automate that and automatically remind you to follow up every single month!

To Keep Their Customers

A lot of businesses focus on getting new customers and almost forget their existing customers. However, the fact is, they still love you, your product and services! Think of companies like Apple and Google. Almost all iPhone owners upgrade when there’s a new iPhone or the Android lovers flock to a new phone when something hot comes out. If people weren’t loyal to a specific brand or a particular company, they would be jumping ships or stick with just one purchase. So, never be afraid to make more offers to your existing customers!

With marketing automation, you can stay in touch with your customers. For example, you can ask for testimonials, offer them bonuses for referring customers to you, send holiday greetings, send happy birthday messages, offer discounts on products or services they haven’t purchased yet and much more.

So, not only you will continue to make more money by offering your services to new customers, but your existing customers could end up making you more money by buying from you!

Do You Need Help With Marketing Automation?

I am a CRM & Marketing Automation consultant, and I help real estate agents, doctors, fitness instructors and other forms of small businesses automate many aspects of their small businesses. If you would like to make more time for more fun things in your business and boost your profits, then talk to me today!

You can schedule a free one-hour strategy session with me here: https://roosevelt.biz/schedule


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